Senior Software Engineer - Fullstack

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  • Date de début : 01 janvier 2018
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À propos

Aircall is a web application built on top of the newest technologies for realtime communication (Websockets, WebRTC) providing desktop phone service to marketing & sales teams.

Our Story
We launched officially in June 2015 and we have now more than 3000 customers all over the world, which use Aircall every day to run their business (Uber, Deliveroo, Heetch, Traverlbird...).

Our Product

  • Get phone numbers instantly among 40 countries
  • Redirect calls across your team
  • Make and receive calls on computer & mobile, tracking calls and monitoring activity
  • Integrate your phone system with your CRM & helpdesks (Zendesk, Pipedrive,Intercom, Salesforce, Slack…) .
  • We're competing with traditional players (Orange, Vodafone...) and a few (mostly US) start-ups (TalkDesk, Dialpad, etc), but we have a unique vision of simplicity and collaboration applied to phone calls.

Descriptif du poste

"Alone you go fast, together we go further”, we truly think that working together makes the difference !

Our amazing engineering team is composed by 35+ multicultural engineers in both Paris and New-York. We build software on top of voice communication solution as Twilio. We are software engineers, not VoIP experts.

We're organized in squads which allows us to combine different experts (tech, product, design, business) around a specific roadmap project.. This drastically improved our productivity by focusing on key subjects and making our own decisions. Trust in one another is the key to

success, along with commitment and transparency.

This year, our vision is to leverage a fully decoupled architectures and ultimately microservices at scale with a reliable, event-driven, auto-healing infrastructure behind the scenes. To ensure that, we’re currently creating a very rich and secure data lake with AWS S3, Kinesis, DynamoDB, Lambda, Athena, and other cool serveless stuff. You’ll be part of this challenging but exciting project!

Our tech challenges this year:

  • Volume: Store, aggregate and compute 1M+ events / day today, 100M+ by next year
  • Live: analyse and take live decisions based on 1M+ events / day
  • Modularity: make our architecture scale and increase squads productivity by featuring microservices based on event-driven architecture
  • Uptime: Keep an 99,99% uptime while dealing with an exponential activity growth

*Project on what you could work on : *

  • Building from scratch a new analytics stack to provide insights to our clients
  • Expanding our number of integrations with partners from 15 to 100+
  • Re-engineering all our frontend application in React/Redux
  • Creating on top of Twilio multiple call feature for our clients (conferences, concurrent call, transfers)
  • Doing R&D on transcription and IA subjects to augment the voice experience**

*Problematic you will face : *

  • Migrating all our backends to an Event Sourcing architecture
  • Experienced in Ruby and do Micro Services in Sinatra
  • Face an exponential growth that drive performances improvements
  • Deliver under high condition of technical and business scaling

Profil recherché

  • You are mentoring other developers, and you hope they are gonna challenge you to learn new things as well.
  • You learn to the team how to tackle roadblocks.
  • You’re an inspirational source to others : you define standards in architecture and structure, your documentation is the source of truth everyone want to read, you are a craftsman and your work is admired
  • You are a good technical speaker and writer.
  • You're focused, driven and can get challenging projects across the finish line - but you know that sometimes it’s okay for deep work to take its time.

Informations complémentaires

  • Type de contrat : CDI
  • Date de début : 01 janvier 2018
  • Lieu : Paris, France (75010)
  • Expérience : > 5 ans