Senior Data Engineer


Aircall’s mission is to transform the business phone industry !
Aircall is an advanced cloud-based phone system, complete business phone and call center software in one single tool.

Our platform easily integrates with your favorite CRM, support, and SaaS tools, giving users all the context they need to close more deals and deliver superior service.
With no hidden fees and no hardware to manage, Aircall gets deployed and is operational in a matter of minutes.

By redefining the idea of a business phone operator, Aircall has convinced more than 3000 companies worldwide - including Uber, SpotAHome, TraverlBird.

Job Description

To sustain Aircall's growth, we are building a data-platform to orchestrate a float of services that will have to handle thousands of events per second with very low latency, and high reliability.

Here are some examples of our realizations and ongoing projects:​

  • Real-time anomaly detection systems

  • Advanced analytics infrastructure (also real-time)

  • Asynchrone communication infrastructure and orchestration for the different services

  • Design and help implement good practices across the whole company

Your mission @ Aircall

  • Design and implement real-time distributed data pipes for analytics & product
  • Help Aircall's teams to implement best-practices that we define
  • Build a fully serverless, scalable and robust infrastructure to allow Aircall to scale smoothly to the next level

Preferred Experience

  • Strong programming skills (we are mostly using go, but it's not mandatory to have experience with this specific language)
  • Ability to design and architect a solution before implementing it
  • A will to define and implement high-end quality work (tests, docs, best-practices... we are aiming for quality and durability, not speedy hacking)
  • Experience with AWS services or equivalent
  • Ability to architecture serverless solutions
  • Agile team experience
  • Proficiency in English

Skills of interest

  • You have already worked in a serverless environment
  • You already have a strong knowledge about the AWS serveless services (Lambda, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS... )
  • You're familiar with an Infra as a code (Terraform, Cloudformation, SAM, serverless framework...)
  • You already used or are interested in using graphQL/appSync
  • You have a Big Data experience
  • You can bring in some architecture skills
  • You have a backend development background (any language welcome here!)

Recruitment Process

1- Phone interview with our really cool Talent Acquisition team
2- On-site (or video) interview with our Awesome tech team
3- Technical Case
4- In person debrief over your case @ Aircall
5- Lunch/Social Time with the team

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75009)
  • Experience: > 3 years
  • Occasional remote authorized